1. B.A. First Year

  • Compulsory Subjects :         English (Comp.)
  • Second Language :              Marathi or Hindi (Any one)
  • Optional Subjects
Group1:  Marathi/Hindi/English (Any one)
Group2:  History
Group3:  Political Science / Social Science (Any one)
Group4:  Economics/ Public Administration (Any one)
Group5:  Physical Education/ Geography /Psychology (Any one)


Note  1. Out of above 5 Group select one subject in only 3 Group
2. For B.A.  First year information Technology subject is compulsory as per University rule. If student already qualify MS-CIT then it is not require to appear for infirmation Technology  subject.
3.For Information Technology subject student must qualify theory and practical examination.


 2. B.A. Second Year

  • All Subjects of B.A. First year will be continued in second year.
  • For B.A. Second year Environment Science subject is compulsory. if Student not qualify the subject of Environment Science then it will not possible to appear for B.A. Third year Examination.
  • It is compulsory to qualify exam of Environment Science.


3. B.A. First Year

  • Student appear obnly optional subjects in B.A. Third Year.
  • Out of Optional subjects only four main subject  & other two subject each two papers shoule  select  by student for B.A. Third Year examination .


List of Assistant & Associate  Professors

Sr.no Subject Professors Mobile Number
1.   English     1. Dr. J.P.Tayde 9860974459
    2.Prof. V.D.Misal 9422991907
    3.Prof. Y.T.Sonawane  9422763989
    4.Prof S.L.Varpe 9270172193
2. Marathi 1.Dr.G.P.Mulak   9422228371
    2.Prof C.K.L. Valavi 9422712890
3.  Hindi  1.Dr.S.R.Sangole  9422219592
    2.Dr.A.J.Bevale  9422737968
    3.Dr.Y.N.More  9767856007
4.  Political Sceince   1.Dr.D.S.Kalambe  9422219593 
    2.Dr.D.R.Hange  9422460570 
5.  History  1.Dr.P.N.Mirkad  9423747072 
    2.Dr.V.P.Sonkamble  9422460570 
6.  Socialogy  1.Dr.B.B.Dongare   9422723939 
    2.Prof. B.D.Sable 9420825234 
7.  Economics  1.Dr.D.B.Kharat  9422231628 
    2.Prpf P.S.Misal 9423534296 
8.  Geography  1.Dr.V.G.Shinde  9423397331 
    2.Dr.A.A.Chodhari 9421423187 
9.  Public Administration  1.Dr.S.S.Birangne  9421423080 
    2.Prof.S.S.Amale 9423226748 
10.  Physical Education  1.Dr.R.R.Sapkal  9960398941 
    2.Dr.V.S.Tanpure 9423748305 
 11. Sports Department  1.Dr.P.R.Rokade  9422291938 
 12. Library  1.Prof D.B.Doifode  9423460601